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Has Your Home Experienced Storm Damage? We’re Here to Help.

Lifestyle Exteriors is a Michigan-based, family-owned company dedicated to serving our community and providing excellent customer service.

There’s nothing fun about storm damage – we understand that our customers are often going through a lot of stress and strain trying to piece their home back together after a storm. That’s why we decided to specialize in repairs related to storm damage. Our goal is to take that stress off your plate and restore your home to its former state.

You have enough to worry about, so we’ll take on the responsibility of working with your insurance company to get your home back in great shape. You deserve to love the place you live – so let us help ensure that it stands strong for years to come.

We also harness our expertise to take on projects not related to insurance claims. Our services include roofing, siding, gutters, windows, and more. No matter what your home needs, we’re here to help.

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Have you seen our advanced disposal system, The Equipter? With less mess and less labor, our best-in-class system helps keep your home safe from collateral damage during roofing projects.

Exterior Services

Storm Damage Restoration

If you’ve had storm damage to your home here in Michigan, we understand what you’re going through. Whether the damage was caused by falling branches, a heavy snowstorm, or even a violent thunderstorm, it’s important to get your house repaired quickly to prevent any further damage. We’ll have your residence in tip-top shape in no time so that you can go back to enjoying the place you call home.

Roof Replacement

Whether your roof has a leak and needs simply a quick patch or it’s due for a full replacement due to storm damage, Lifestyle Exteriors is here for you. It’s crucial to do these repairs quickly and expertly to prevent any water damage that might cause mold over time. We’re Michigan’s roofing experts, and our trusted technicians will make your house safe and secure again as quickly and safely as possible.

Siding Replacement

We want to keep your home protected and beautiful with attractive siding. Whether you need new siding due to storm damage or your old siding is simply wearing out over time, we can provide a free inspection to diagnose the state of your home. You’ll be amazed how great your house will look with this repair – think of it as a facelift to keep your home gorgeous, modern, and safe from the elements.

Gutter Replacement

Storm damage is a common concern in Michigan, which is why we’re here to make sure that your home gets back to new as quickly as possible. Gutters are easy to overlook, but they perform a critical job in keeping your home protected from water. If your gutters have suffered due to a storm or simply over time, we can help ensure they’re cleaned, maintained, and fully functional so that they can perform as they should.

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Our Clients Review

Special thanks to Noah, Caleb, DJ and Desan, they exceeded my expectations. Very straight forward, honest and easy to work with. Quality workmanship at a very fair price. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone wanting any type of exterior home repairs or improvements. Thanks guys.

Rick Draper, Home owner

Very quick and professional service! They were a huge help through the insurance claim on our roof. We did not even know we had damage until we had them do an inspection.

Kelly Stajdl Robertson , Home owner

Great local family company fixed my leaking roof from storm damage looks great now no issues and cleaned up after themselves respectful would hire them again no doubt!

Kenny O'Brien , Home owner